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We're pleased to announce that TheLAN is back!

A excitement-packed event is planned for the January 27-28 (2018) weekend, so make sure to mark it in your calendar!

This event is similar to the old "weekender" style TheLAN events, lasting the whole weekend, from 10am Saturday to around 5pm Sunday. We have a new venue (just across the road from the old weekender venue), as well as some other small event changes, so please see the Event Information below for full details.

We're keeping this first event reasonably small and exclusive to give us a chance feel out the venue, check power and noise levels, and get some feedback on what people would like to see at any potential future events. We're also hoping this event acts as a fun reunion and catch-up for many of the old TheLAN attendees.

If all goes well and feedback is positive, we're likely to hold a couple of events a year. We're also open to expanding what's on offer at events. We've already had some suggestions for inclusions sent our way, including board games, a virtual reality area, and a "hackathon". Please keep the suggestions coming.

To register your attendance please simply mark yourself as going on the Facebook event, or if you're not a Facebook user simply let one of the admin staff know via Discord, Steam, email, or in person.

See you there,
TheLAN Admins

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Saturday, 27 January 2018


10am to Midnight (Sat); and

10am to 5pm (Sun)


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Event Information


TheLAN is a technology and gaming event where people can bring their computer and play networked games, share files, chat with like-minded people, and generally have a good time. TheLAN is designed to be a social event, so if you enjoy playing games, talking about the latest tech, programming, or simply tinkering with computers make sure you come along!

And if you're interested in seeing what TheLAN looks like, photos of prior events can be found on our Facebook page and archived gallery.

Date & Times

TheLAN runs for 2 days, from 27 January to 28 January, 2018. The doors will open at 10:00am Saturday, and close approximately 5pm Sunday. Unlike prior events, a shutdown period will likely take place overnight. We encourage attendees to use the period to get some sleep and shower.


TheLAN has an entry fee of $20.00. This fee includes gigabit network & internet access, power for your computer, air conditioned comfort, and dinner on Saturday! We plan on having a BBQ for dinner, however if you have any suggestions or special dietary requirements please get in touch.

Venue & Location

TheLAN is held at the Bathurst Light Car Club (BLCC) hall, located on Mount Panorama. The precise address is 417 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama NSW 2795, Australia. For those familiar with prior TheLAN "Weekender" events, the BLCC is located directly across the road from the old Bathurst Goldfields venue. Instead of turning left into the Goldfields entrance, continue along a further 50m and turn right.

The BLCC has two car parks: an asphalt car park out the front, and a dirt car park out the back. Please use the back car park in the first instance, and only use the front car park if the back is full. The back car park can be accessed via the eastern entrance and proceeding straight ahead, or via the western entrance by turning right through the front car park.

As the venue is in a residential area we need to ensure noise is kept to a minimum late at night. We will close and lock up the hall overnight and resume in the morning. You are welcome to leave your equipment in the venue during this period. While the venue will be locked up and it is quite secure, we do encourage you to take any valuables with you.

What To Bring

You'll need to bring your computer for starters. Make sure it has working network access, and make sure your games and operating system have the latest updates applied. Be sure to bring all attachments you need (power cables, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc). While multi-monitor setups are common, please only bring a single monitor unless you have received prior approval from the admin staff (due to space limitations).

We also ask that you bring a clean power-board with at least 4 ports on it. Network cables are supplied by TheLAN, so you don't need to bring your own. Double adapters are banned, as they create a power hazard in a LAN environment, along with speakers (as the noise interferes with other attendees). So make sure you pack a set of headphones for sound.

Food & Drinks

With the exception of a BBQ dinner on Saturday, all meals and drinks must be brought in yourself. Basic kitchen facilities and tap water are available. We encourage all attendees to bring plenty of water bottles, along with food for meals and snacks. Bringing an esky/cooler to keep your drinks cool and perishables safe is recommended. Alcohol is permitted, however it is only to be consumed in moderation. Please know your limits: anyone displaying intoxicated behaviour or unable to control their volume will be ejected from the venue.


You must be 18 years of age or older to attend TheLAN. Attendance is governed by the event Terms and Conditions.


Is internet access available?

Yes, Internet access is available. A 100 Mbit connection is provided, however please be aware that this is being shared among your fellow attendees to allow for online game access. Therefore activities that may affect the ability of others to utilise the connection, such as leeching, HD video streaming, uploading large files, etc. is not permitted.

How do I pay the entry fee?

Cash on the day is preferred. If you're unable to pay by cash, bank transfer or PayPal can be arranged.

Can I get there late?

Yes, you don't need to arrive and setup as soon as the doors open on Saturday, however arriving in the morning is recommended. If you'll be arriving later than 2pm on Saturday please let one of the admin staff know with a rough time so we can cater accordingly.

Can I buy food or drinks?

No food and drink will be available for purchase. This may change in the future based on feedback we receive. Please ensure you bring plenty to drink and eat. Dinner on the first night is provided.

What restrictions are there on power and internet use?

Enough power will be provided to power a typical gaming PC and accessories. If there is something non-standard about your setup please get in touch with us beforehand. There is to be absolutely no heavy downloading/uploading through the Internet, BitTorrenting, or otherwise accessing or distributing any copyrighted or illegal content. There is to be no crypto-currency mining.

Can I bring a game console or file server?

Yes, however please contact one of the admins before plugging it in to ensure there is available power and network capacity.

Will there be any prizes?

Not this time, however it's likely we'll have prizes available at future events. Please feel free to get in touch with us if there is anything you'd like to see!

What if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions or need help at TheLAN please don't hesitate to flag down one of the admin staff: simply look for the folks wearing orange "staff" lanyards. If you have any questions before or after an event please feel free to contact us via Discord/Facebook/Steam or in person.

TheLAN is a community event run by a small group of unpaid event admins. Entry fees are charged to cover the cost of venue hire, internet access, electricity, networking hardware, and other necessary equipment. They are not used for anything else.